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Product News: Aluminium Septomax (Type VII)

We are pleased to inform you that we can present the first aluminium Septomax standard hinge. This was especially designed and tested for door applications for horizontal shoring. The opening angle is 180 ° and in a paired arrangement a load of up to 40 kg is achieved. More detailed information is available in the range Septomax-standard versions.

New Releases: Septomax Type VI

Since June 2016, we have a new Septomax type VI as an extension of the existing type III in our program. This version is esp. for thicker doors and flaps as well suited for higher weight loads. This standard type is also available at short-notice. For inquiries or questions you are welcome to contact our customer service representative.

Septomax Type VI...

Exhibition: BAUMA Munich

Thank you very much for your numerous visits on our booth and the interest you have shown in our products and services around the development of innovative hinge solutions.

Further information:

NEW: Aluminum Profile Hinges

In addition to our product range of profile steel hinges we offer now lightweight aluminum counterpart.

or applications with lower flap weights and / or higher design standards aluminum hinges represent a compareable and cost-attractive alternative.

More information about aluminum profile hinges...

ANNIVERSARY : 160 years Emil Kaltenbach

After the great jubilee in 2004, the workforce , works council and management look forward to another decade of successful collaboration . Again, ups and downs, crises and major changes have been mastered jointly . With the proven view of tradition and innovation was the wide range of " Kaltenbach hinges " continues to maintain its place in the national and international competition.

And we are very proud here in the home of Emil Kaltenbach and look forward to another successful decades.

For this reason, our special thanks go especially to our business partners , suppliers and especially our customers for their many years of good cooperation that make this success possible in the first place.

With best regards and a further constructive cooperation.

Dr. Chris Windhövel
Managing Director (CEO)

Frank Jost
Commercial and technical management (Authorized officer)

Our product highlights: multiple-joint hinges of the series SEPTOMAX®

Lids/doors in vehicle construction, in railway vehicles, in trailer construction, on cabinets and cupboards, lids of any kind with an opening angle of up to approx. 180 degrees.

Galvanised steel
Galvanised and chromated steel
Steel, dacromet coated
Stainless steel

The hinge is attached to the frame and to the inside of the lid/door. The attachment between the hinge, frame and lid is therefore not visible from the outside.
When operating, the lid/door is lifted and at the same time rotated to the top. After the rotation/lift motion the lid/door will be open to approx. 180 degree (180° hinge).
The motion and the "holding" in the open and closed state can be supported by a gas pressure damper or a spring. A connection for this purpose is added by default. 

Here you can find more informations about SEPTOMAX®