Assembly Solutions & Kinematic Special Applications
Engineering competence for higher-level product groups & specific kinematical forms of motion

  • Hinge solutions as an integral part of higher-level assemblies

  • For applications of pull-outs, lifting / swiveling systems or scissors concepts

  • As a configurable option for various kinematic processes (rotations, rotations, translational courses)

Traditionally, hinges and similar products are usually used in pairs to connect moving parts in the form of flaps, doors or hatches; however, the potential use radius is by no means exhausted. Depending on the design, working with hinge products is also possible within superordinate "purposes" and quite feasible.

For this reason, we also offer our development and design expertise for solutions in which hinges not only fulfill a singular connection function, but also, and in particular, assume an overarching or complementary function; as an example as an integrated pull-out system or for the collision-free connection of several components.

As a special service the following requirements can be solved:

  • Hinge or component development for higher-level end product functions and purposes
  • Supportive and expanding hinge use for the realization of combined functions (hinge & swivel function)
  • Specific hinge design as unique selling point and revaluation in the final end product design (for example high-quality furniture / industrial design)
  • Fulfillment of a central function with which certain "end-product effects" become possible in the first place (including recreational / fairground segments, extraordinary opening angles, asymmetric rotations, etc.)

Please feel free to contact our contact persons at any time with your requirements; We check your application for feasibility in the short term.

The distinction between hinge solutions in conventional single use or in combination as an assembly element is only a relevant criterion of several. Often customers and prospects ask for kinematic options that do not have to fulfill a hinge function but can be derived from them. Depending on the requirement, hinge variants offer the possibility of adaptation and modification for the realization of hinge-independent motion sequences for sectors with pure kinematics requirements.

By way of example, the use of multiple pivot points or the adaptation of external dimensions leads to completely different kinematic margins and forms of movement. Since hinge functions are in principle kinematic function according to a defined specification, it is natural to transfer this logic and constructive experience to non-hinge kinetic requirements.

Our kinematics service enables solutions u.a. for the following applications:

  • Linear (translational) excerpts and pure extension systems depending on the radius of use
  • Pivoting systems and lifting / panning systems for various industries and uses
  • Scissors and lifting arms for logistics industries and transport applications
  • Combined kinematic function where e.g. Linear movements on rotations / asym. Follow movements
  • Customizable special kinematics based on CAD-based design and ASOMv7 simulation

Please feel free to contact our contact persons at any time with your requirements; We check your application for feasibility in the short term.