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Suppliers’ information

1. General remarks

As a supplier for the automotive industry among others, it’s given that in addition to the competitive prices, the quality of our products must be prioritized as well. The quality is not only in terms of dimensioning and precision, but also in our delivery performance to customers. This lies mostly on our suppliers.

In addition to continued efforts to improve the current processes and structures, we always expect active communication with and from our Emil Kaltenbach GmbH & Co. suppliers so as to improve our potentials and enhance new innovative developments.

In order to take into account our quality awareness, our suppliers must of course hold audited and certified quality management systems with the minimum requirements as stipulated in the DIN ISO 9001:2005.

We are always open to meeting new suppliers. We however discourage and refrain from unannounced visits. Our terms of purchase form the basis for all activities with our suppliers.

2. Goods and services

The main components of the hinges are raw materials such as slit strips and profile materials. The slit strip required are in grades DD11, 1.4031 and AlMg3. The profiles are hot-rolled into hinge shapes and are made of S235JRG material. Small series are manufactured using laser boards. The hinge pins are either made of bright steel or obtained as swiveled and compressed parts.

The surface greatly determines the overall quality. The hinges are galvanized and powder-coated. Stainless steel hinges appear stylish when polished.  

3. Minimum wage and occupational safety

From our German suppliers, as well as by their domestic subcontractors, we expect the mandatory compliance with the minimum wage law, and compliance with the relevant health and safety regulations.


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