In order to be able to make a common technical classification for queries or inquiries, we offer in the following a short glossary with the central terms in and around the topic of hinges as well as an overview of the most important FAQ's. These facilitate dialogue and are helpful in the initial classification of the respective connection question.


Here information of the customer about load of the doors / flaps etc. as well as the environmental conditions are essential; Often there are several material options. The more data we receive in the form of drawing CAD-files, etc., the more targeted a limitation of the "right" product type can be.

Our claim is basically the maximum precision in the hinge roller; this is achieved via special calibrations. However, the definition of "backlash" is discretionary for most customers; Here, the requirements / specifications of the customer are decisive.

We deliver already in small numbers up to large series. However, the availability depends on the respective product due to our high variety of variants.

Our core competence is custom-made according to customer specifications, also based on CAD. Holes, bends, notches, welding parts and many other variants are possible. In principle we try to realize every special solution; We have already manufactured several thousand variants in this segment.

As standard product yes; within a few days. Special solutions require consultation.

No. Our entire product range is wholly independent of the industry and is in demand in industry, small businesses as well as the end customer.

No. Our solutions are quality goods in defined quantities according to annually certified specifications; entirely "Made in Germany".

As a rule, we distribute our goods through our headquarters in Ennepetal; selected dealers support us. The central information medium is our homepage with microsites (Septomax). Our distribution / logistics enables the smooth distribution also to our worldwide customers.

Emil Kaltenbach GmbH sees itself as a service provider with quality goods. This applies in particular to defects in the product or other complaints. Here we are always available to answer questions, are on site for technical problems and, if necessary, provide prompt and unbureaucratic replacement; In this context, customer satisfaction is not an empty formula but a basic attitude.

Our business has been providing valuable hinging and connection solutions since 1854 across the entire service and value chain. We are constantly expanding our expertise in this segment through an ever-deeper product range, know-how development and CAD-based design; we have been supplying many of our major customers such as Mercedes, MAN or Liebherr for decades; 100% owner-managed as a family business with a lived team structure: i. Problems are responsible, decided and solved at the place of origin; the management is always "only" part of the overall team.

Hinge Glossary

Enclosed the central technical terms and common names for the classification of the hinge types

Hinged latches: single halves of the hinge, dimensions freely selectable according to availability

Holes: Hole patterns can be designed according to customer specifications, also available as standard

Hinge reel: exterior u. Inner diameter depends on material thickness and pin diameter

Pin: As a Rendel, round head, lubricating, lifting in steel, stainless steel, copper or bronze

Knuckle: Reel milling in 2, 3, 5 or 7 parts; same or different milling lengths possible

Bend: Variably bendable bends and radii according to material and material thickness

Coating: Available as galvanized., Zinc / Nikel, chromated, KTL, powdered

Attachments: With weld-on parts (screws, nuts, bolts, etc.), stops or e.g. (Gas) Federverbau

Materials: raw steel, aluminum, V2A, V4A, zinc / die casting, polyamides

Production: Reducing (conventional) or additive (based on 3D printing / in particular prototypes)