Quality & Revision

Emil Kaltenbach GmbH has been consistently certified since 1995 and is bound by high quality standards. Other than the annual internal audits, there exists a basic internal quality awareness principle whose idea is to always view our product not just as a single commodity, but as an entire general solution. This aims at a fundamental result and efficiency orientation while at the same time safeguarding our social responsibility to customers, employees and stakeholders.

Our consistent focus on quality basically calls for: 

  • short response and delivery times
  • competitive conditions
  • impeccable product quality
  • high support quality
  • and need-based innovations.

Should there be any complaints in and around the delivered products or services, we will work in close co-operation with the customers, ensure transparency on our part and will be available in the event of problems and replacement or replacement. As we are convinced of our offers, we are always available whenever necessary and are responsible for the speedy and unbureaucratic handling of the transactions. As a rule, action plans are formulated and implemented for the future avoidance of incidents.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions regarding product liability and complaints processing
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