Technology & Service // From 3D printing to social media

Product Design & Development // Also as a service

Our design and development process is carried out under efficiency points of views and forms the central steps from the idea of a product respectively the specifications of the customer over to the first samples and resulting in the production of a series finally. CAD-development, production and sales are active as project teams and coordinate for the respective customer.


The following requirements may be used if necessary:

  • CAD-development with sample production and quality insurance on basis of SOLID WORKS
  • Usage of the calculation and optimizing tool ASOMv7 for the multilinkdesign and simulation
  • Single point of contact throughout the design process
  • Examination of the preconditions and reviewing the information provided by the customer (techn . Drawings , CAD data , QA requirements , etc.)
  • Creation of technical drawings and / or CAD designs according to the installation situation.
  • Functional model creation and application testing at the location of the customer and providing quality documentation (according to standard specifications)
  • Initial sampling and inspection of  the serial part

Of course, the development process depends on the identified requirements and usually does not run typically ideal. Ultimately an assessment of benefits and costs justifies an appropriate procedure for each individual product development.

3D printing & functional samples // Our pre-production service

In direct connection with our product development or with new parts, the presentation of sample parts usually stands for the function building as well as alternatively as pure specimen copies. Since individual hinge connections are constructive to design, but a real installation often allows only a final assessment of collision-free motion and kinematic functions, working with pattern parts for many complex applications is helpful or even necessary. 

Functional pattern according to standard specifications

For direct installation, we provide our customers with sample components from our in-house tool shop. Hinge parts of standard quality made of steel or sheet metal or aluminum are produced here (also for the initial samples) and can be used for corresponding tests on site at the customer.

View patterns in 3D printing

Due to the increasing relevance of additive manufacturing processes and the possibilities of "rapid prototyping", our customers have the additional option of resorting to patterns of plastic-based materials (polyamides). Patterns from the 3D printing process open up the option, available at short notice, of simulating motion sequences and gaining initial impressions about product characteristics and installation options.

If you have any questions about our prototype construction, please do not hesitate to contact our contact persons.

Our value added process // From development to after-sales support

Hinge solutions, like every production item, have an upstream value-added process from the idea to the final finished product. From a technological point of view, we attach importance to four key work steps that take into account the entire quality and service chain.

Development, construction & prototype construction

Our construction process forms the starting point of all work steps below. Customer ideas or internal answers to market demands are the start of our drawing and CAD designs. These are realized by in-house toolmaking, test area or 3D-printing model and tested for usability, function etc. We use current CAD and simulation software (ASOMv7). The design process is implemented and documented analogously to the certification arrangements. 

Production & Quality Assurance

If controllability evaluations are positive, the scheduling takes place in the production process. With a monthly cycle of on average 600 - 800 individual orders, the planning process has maximum priority. In the implementation we use u.a. on proven manual technologies in the sawmilling, milling u. Back drilling area. In order to be able to realize the many custom-made products, we have, in addition to a large number of presses, additional sinking, deburring, grinding and tumbling systems ready; There is also a separate department for CNC machining. By our final assembly of all products a 100% control takes place quasi "in the process". In addition, a continuous and accompanying test as well as a documented final acceptance of all goods leaving our house takes place via QS.

Storage & Packaging

The final product will be handed over to QS after shipment and packed properly. For this we use thick-walled cardboard boxes which, depending on the nature of the product (for example chromated), are packed in single paper, provided with intermediate layers or even sent in foil bags. Of course we also use load carriers as packaging specifications of our customers.

In addition to production, we either use sturdy metal containers for heavy hinges or use paper cartons in various sizes for our purchased parts in accessories.

The storage itself is organized via a complex merchandise management system. Practically, we attach great importance to damage-free and clean storage; this is done by means of plastic containers where the goods are stored and managed according to their nature as bulk or sorted.

Service & Aftersales

Anyone who buys a Kaltenbach hinge acquires solutions in the sense of comprehensive support. As a rule, a central contact person is available to our customers throughout the entire settlement process. This starts with initial questions about availability, about appointments, on-site appointments to aftercare even in case of problems or complaints. Here we guarantee prompt clarification, correction and unbureaucratic handling "in case of case". Only when the connection problem of our customers is completely solved, the desired solution is reached from our point of view. 

Make and Buy // Our technology partners

Our existing service offering is not just provided by in-house solutions. We also rely on the sound knowledge of selected partner companies that purposefully supplement our portfolio in the technology area. Below is a selection of our partners with a central know-how function:

Lacura laser cut (laser / water jet processing)
From the laser or waterjet cutting part to the finished assembly, Lacura offers a wide range of machining steps with over 25 years of experience. At Kaltenbach we regularly rely on Lacura as a service provider for specific products with high precision requirements. In addition to the high level of machining expertise, emphasis is placed on state-of-the-art technology.

COFFEE GmbH (CAD-Design)
For our CAD development, we as Partenr fall back on the COFFEE GmbH with decades of experience in the most diverse branches of development and production as well as the selection of the best quality SOLIDWORKS and SolidCAM solutions. This is especially true because only the CAD based design of hinges guarantees maximum precision of the required solutions.

Info-Key GmbH & Co.KG (simulation software)
Info-Key GmbH offers innovative solutions in the field of multi-joint simulation and risk analysis. The ASOM application in the field of multi-joint synthesis offers the option of real-time analysis, an inverse approach and the consideration of constructive restrictions, which is used in particular in the automotive industry.

German RepRap (3D printing technology)
With the possibilities of additive manufacturing, a change has also been made in the development media. Although this segment is still in constant development, we at Kaltenbach have integrated this new "option" into the manufacturing process at an early stage. Modeling and prototyping, internal kinematics or functional testing and "trying out" new innovative ideas has become possible through 3D printing in a new dimension; a complementary technological service in our service offer.

Networked // social media offers

Also online, we want to keep our customers and interested parties up to date on new developments in and around the topic "hinge solutions made by Emil Kaltenbach". We would be very happy to visit our external profiles.


  • Our Facebook profile is regularly updated with news from our product areas but also from our organization. In addition, we inform about trade fair visits, trends and also internal developments.


  • Our Youtube channel provides animations from our portfolio of hinge applications. At the same time, we provide insights into our production and construction and provide additional information material.


  • As a purely visual medium, we use Pinterest to post photos on products, applications and developments in and around Emil Kaltenbach. Let yourself be inspired and like to come to us with your questions.